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Michael Richey D.C.

Dr. Michael Richey, D.C. has been a resident of the Thousand Oaks area since 1981. After years as a martial arts instructor and private trainer focusing on function and proper posture, he began experiencing back pain and movement issues. When he was told that he had a 10 mm disc bulge that surgery would fix, he elected to have the surgery - only to experience foot drop, leg numbness, and, two years later, the inability to walk. Doctors then told him that his disc bulge was 11 mm and that another surgery was needed. From his experience as an athlete and trainer as well as his prior results from surgery, he was sure that there was a better treatment option. That’s when he discovered chiropractic care and decided to further his education to become a chiropractor.

Life intersected with Dr. Richey’s work once again when his then 13-year old daughter was diagnosed with severe scoliosis. With a personal investment in the subject, he immediately pursued education on non-invasive, conservative treatment of scoliosis and became a certified ScoliBrace provider, which he applied to reduce his daughter’s scoliosis to a mild and stable state.

Although chiropractic got Dr. Richey functioning once again, he still deals with the ramifications of his back surgery, including scar tissue and nerve damage. He understands his patients, having faced many of the same struggles himself, and focuses on improving their health through the use of non-invasive, gentle chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy, and exercises. By maintaining your proper spinal alignment and joint function, he will reduce your pain, increase your range of motion, and improve your health.